Are You My Client?

1.    Open, flexible, and receptive to the information given in their sessions. You don’t have to be “spiritual” to get “it”, but you can be open!

2.    Understands that the information that comes up in their sessions is always delivered in a plain straightforward  manner and  always from a loving and compassionate place. 

3.    Are ready to Change!  They're tired of being a victim, and are ready to take Risk and facilitate Change  in their words, thoughts, and actions! Basically, they aren’t afraid to put little elbow grease into living their ideal life, even if it means pissing off or disappointing other people. And maybe even making some changes within yourself and/perspective.

4.    Are accepting of Uncertainty, or not having a concrete answers. Sometimes some things will just continue to be Mysteries! 

5.    Show up to appointments on time and are considerate of ending their session(s) on time and can jive with my super type A cancellation policy.

6.    Are more than happy to pay me for what I offer and value my work and time. 

7.    Proactively praise and refer me to friends, family, and on social media  without hesitation. 

8.    Have a sense of humor and won’t flinch if I say a cuss word. 

9.    Like or Love Cats. I have one.

10.    Understand that I’m not a guru or spiritual leader of any sort. I’m just a human being with some pretty unique gifts that I enjoy sharing with others so they might gain better direction and clarity in their life.

   Does This Sound Like You? Let's Do This!