Obvious (yet not so obvious) Client Collaboration Guidelines

After being shorted by several clients in the past, I ask that first-time clients pay for 100% of their payment up front.

I prefer clients use the online booking system. I’m a one woman show and wear all the hats. I do not have a secretary to return your calls 24/7. It also cuts down on people who refuse to pre-pay or show for their sessions.

Appointments that give less than 24 hours notice to cancel/no-show are non-refundable. Notice is considered contact by correct email, phone number, text, or call. Full appointment cost remains in full effect if client attends their appointment late. Sessions are not pro-rated.

Please read/skim the Client Bill of Rights prior to your appointment.

In an attempt to have an actual life outside of work, I do not to respond to emails, text, or phone calls after 7:00PM EST on weekdays, or at all on Friday or Saturday evenings. And I don’t expect you to, either.

If I need to cancel or reschedule our session for any reason, I will contact you via e-mail, call, and text, basically until you confirm you received my message.

If I email you on a weekend or at night, please feel free to ignore it till the morning or Monday.

If you don’t see any client openings, it’s probably because it’s not open, and I’m fully booked. Depending on my week I will see 4-6 clients on Sunday max. I update the schedule regularly so what is open is open.

I rarely accept same say appointments.

I don’t like to answer phone calls or text in session. When I’m with clients, I’m with clients. No exceptions. I can’t give a reading and give directions at the same time.

Use a valid e-mail you check often. All appointment reminders are sent via e-mail and the option of text message. I do not do personal reminder of appointments by phone or e-mail, everything is automated through Acuity scheduling.

Whenever possible, I prefer email over phone calls. I’m at my desk job M-F 8am-4pm and we all secretly resent that person who talks a little too loudly on their phone in the office.

I won’t call you unexpectedly if you won’t call me unexpectedly.

My usual turnaround time for hypnosis recordings is 2-3 business days. It’s unlikely that I can write or edit something for a client that day or the next. I can give it to you, but it may not be pretty.

In an effort to keep my email inbox under control, I like to limit communication to one or two long, information-filled emails each day. I promise I won’t email you one-liner emails if you won’t do that to me. Unless I am e-mailing from my phone in which case it will be brief because I’m probably at Wegmans, or the gym.

I ask that all clients who have purchased packages with me use those packages within the allotted time.

“Test the Psychic Game”

Sometimes I have clients who already know the answer to their situation or a past issue. Example: “What side did I have knee surgery on?” Sorry, not sorry, I don’t play this game, either you want a reading, or not!

Commenting on my age - yes, I’m aware I’m young. I don’t point out that your old, so don’t feel the need to point out I’m young!

Cat - also, I have one cat. I sweep my house often and do my best to keep my office cat-free. That being said if you are severely allergic, please bring any appropriate allergy meds or inhaler prior to our session. Thanks for reading and I hope these makes sense and has us working together go much more smoothly.