Are You My Client: Open Up To Love!

  • Dating isn’t fun anymore and feels more like a chore. 

  • You’ve been out of the dating game for awhile and are apprehensive jumping back in. 

  • A tendency to mentally question, “Where is this going?” Do they like me?” 

  • You read way too much into a potential interest social media “Likes”, Posts, Snap-Chat, and vague compliments. vs actually going on a date with the person.

  • Meet/Chat with partners who seem  great, but won’t commit. 

  • The partners I’m attracted to aren’t attracted to me and the ones who are attracted to me, I’m not attracted to! HELP! 

           Most of all you’re often left feeling Frustrated, Tired, and Confused, and maybe even a little (or a lot) angry. 

Like you, I used to wonder if people who found quality partners to commit had some sort of genetic leverage over me and I was ‘defective’ in some way. 

And then something amazing happened and I began to use my natural feminine energy, tools, and mind-set to bring that partner in and allow me to be able to receive him. 

                     What If I told you Dating Could Even Be Fun Again?

                In the Open Up To Love! You Will Receive

  • Tangible and intuitively chosen  tools and intuitive guidance to keep you in and on your Dating ore. 

  • Feel authentic and REAL in dating.

  • Uncover your stuff that’s holding you back from meeting that AMAZING man or woman. / AMAZING partner you desire. 

  • An opportunity to experience powerful alternative healing modalities to rapidly assist in shifting your mindset and energy field to keep you in and on and open to love.

  • Tools to help you reach within you and help you Discover what you really desire from a Future Life Partner. 

I don’t guarantee Prince Charming will show up tomorrow at your door with your favorite takeout food or a million dollars

(Although if he does, we did good!)

Open Up To Love Guarantee

  • That you’ll start attracting better quality partners. 

  • You’ll develop a better relationship of Trust with your ‘Picker’. 

  • Become completely comfortable in your own skin that you’re not suffering if someone doesn’t call or text you back, or “ghost”

  • Become supremely confident and authentic in communicating your Needs, Wants, and Desires.

  • AND NO cheesy techniques  fake feeling techniques for kissing, how-to’s, or texts e-books on how to make him/her hot.