Any services offered by Higher Vibrations are NOT a substitute for professional psychological, physical, or mental/emotional care. Higher Vibrations does not offer professional diagnosis or evaluations of any kind- medical, financial, legal, or psychological.

 It’s highly encouraged clients that seek diagnosis and evaluations for psychological and/or physical ailments from qualified and reputable professionals prior to seeking services with Higher Vibrations. We acknowledge and honor that our services are not always the ‘first step’ in an individuals' healing process and journey.

  Services Provided

The cost of services range from $99- $3,499.00 plus USD depending on client needs.

All services are non-refundable nor prorated once rendered.


Intuitive Reading

An Intuitive Reading is essentially a psychic reading. As a natural psychic-medium Meredith tunes into your energetic vibrations to give gentle guidance and insight various areas of life: relationships, careers, and life path. If you wish to get in touch with a specific loved one or via skype, please specify in the Notes section.

Readings are available in person, phone, or skype. $199/60 Minutes

E-Mail Readings

Same as an Intuitive Reading. E-mail readings. Yes, it works and is just as insightful  even via e-mail!)  are great for those who live far away, don’t have time, or are just better reached via e-mail. $99 (please limit to 2 questions)

(More Details For  E-mail Reading)  

 I'm predominantly clair-audient assuming I've never met you before I go off of the vibration of your voice and name. So you are welcome to send a photo of yourself OR a sound recording of your full name said three times, whichever (Example: Meredith McDonough). You are welcome to hone your reading to a specific question or situation, and provide as little OR as much info as you like (it's really up to you!) If relating job or relationship, please provide the other persons full name as well, it allows me to read your energies together.  Once payment and the above information is received allow 48-72 hours turn around time for your  reading 48-72 hours.  -  E-Mail $99.00


Energy Healing

Meredith offers two energy healing modalities Reiki (Ray-Kee) and Quantum Touch.

Energy Healing is a gentle laying of hands technique in which the practitioner and client together create client self-healing outcomes. Energy Healing can be done with or without touch.

Many clients have found relief to chronic issues such as: neuropathy, cancer treatment, anxiety, constant stress, and depression, just to name a few. Sessions include the use of crystals and oils. Clients are encouraged to schedule a free Discovery Call to discuss their Needs.

Energy Healing Sessions are offered in person at Higher Vibrations and distance.

Meredith is certified as a Reiki Master-Teacher and Quantum Touch Practitioner and has over 500+ hours of working with clients via distance and hands-on.


Healing Hypnosis

Healing Hypnosis is hypnosis for those seeking to heal any beliefs, values, or past experiences that no longer serve their highest good. Often these beliefs and vales play out in undesirable behaviors, knee-jerk reactions, and insecurities. Healing Hypnosis provides clients insight, clarity, and a new awareness to interrupt and become strongly aware of these patterns, and more importantly, release and create new ones. Client are encouraged to schedule a free Discovery Call to discuss your Needs.  Healing Hypnosis is offered in person at Higher Vibrations office, skype, or via phone.

Meredith is Certified Master Hypnotherapist with NATH (National Association of Transpersonal Hypnosis) and holds over 500+ hours working with clients in person and via distance.