Intuitive Reading

I work actively with my guides and angels AND your guides and angels to deliver messages of love, peace, and understanding in regards to topics such as relationships, finance, family, career path, and soul path/purpose.

If you have a deceased loved one that you would like to get in touch with, I would request a  wait of at least three months before attempting communication with them. The grieving process is a complex one and it is important that you honor it.  Seeking support from a licensed counselor or therapist is also highly encouraged. Readings, although cathartic in nature, are not a substitute for professional psychological or medical care, or legal guidance. 
I do not guarantee that a specific person will come through either.

Also, I suggest clients wait 6-9 months  between readings. Although this may seem like a strange request,  typically information doesn't change that quickly, so save your mula!

My dominant 'clairs' are clair-audience, sentience, and cognizance. Although information  will come through whichever way they see fit. 

What To Expect From Your Reading



Readings can be done via phone, e-mail, and of course, in person. The Energy is all the same! Stand-alone Readings with no other additional services are available only Sundays for now. Thanks for understanding!

60 minutes / $199

E-Mail Readings

E-mail readings (yes, it works and is just as insightful even via e-mail!) are great for those who live far away, don’t have time, or are just better reached via e-mail (I’m one of those people too, so I get it)

I'm predominantly clair-audient assuming I've never met you before I go off of the vibration of your voice and name. So you are welcome to send a photo of yourself OR a sound recording of your full name said three times, whichever (Example: Meredith McDonough). You are welcome to hone your reading to a specific question or situation, and provide as little OR as much info as you like (it's really up to you!) If relating job or relationship, please provide the other persons full name as well, it allows me to read your energies together.  Once payment and the above information is received allow 48-72 hours turn around time for your reading 48-72 hours.  -  E-Mail $99.00

What To Expect From Your Reading

All Readings Are Confidential.