Are You My Next Heart Healing Client?

Are you My Next Heart Healing Client?

Do any of the following sound like you?  If any of these sound like you or thoughts you’ve had, you could be my next Heart Healing Client on their way to a more amazing, happier, and more confident  Relationship with Love of Self and Others.

·       I attract the same toxic or emotionally unavailable partners just by a different name over and over again.

·       No matter what I do, I can’t stop thinking about my Ex! It’s like having a mental stalker inside my head!

·       I  just ended a relationship/ or was broken up with and I’m struggling feeling firm in my decision and imagining a life without this person in it.

·       As soon as a potential partner gets too close for me,  I want to push them away and RUN for the hills!

·       My parents had a tumultuous marriage. I have no idea what a healthy relationship looks like!

·       I attract partners that need saving/lost/lack direction and as a result I’m constantly becoming the “savior”

·       I’m currently in a happy relationship but having a hard time moving on the from past.

·       I  just got out of a tumultuous relationship and I feel like I have no idea who I am.


        I can relate- I’ve been in almost every single one of these scenarios at some point in my life.

Like you,

I remember:

-           Leaving behind a toxic relationship and thinking about them non-stop from when I woke up to when I went to bed,  and feeling like I was going crazy.

-          How I felt, discovering a boyfriend cheating on me and the mixture of emotions of guilt, shame, and responsibility that ran through me, and the aftermath of confusion.

-          Getting off the emotional and mental the roller coaster of dating a Narcissist and trying to sort out the Fact from the Fiction.

-          How I felt at the end of arguments with a toxic partner, feeling like I had pulled through a blender exhausted and worn out.

-          Meeting new and worth love and feeling unable to let my shield down for fear of the past repeating itself.

In a gist, I’ve earned the Relationship Veteran Badge and now I’m here to help  YOU, navigate through the stormy seas of pain, confusion, shame, guilt, sadness, and internal suffering you’re experiencing right now.

I promise you it won’t last forever.

You deserve a life where you can quit beating yourself up for mistakes, should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve,  and LIVE in the present with a Healed Heart.

And I’m pretty sure, if you’re reading this you know deep down, you’re WORTH IT.

                   After all Heart Healing was created just for YOU.

What You Receive With Heart Healing:

-          A sacred space to process your emotions, thoughts, and feelings so they’re honored, valued, and heard.

-          Access to alternative Healing Tools to help process your range of emotions in a healthy and safe way to help assist in a timely release of energetic residues and  any possible unhealthy/toxic connections from the past or present.

-          Intuitive Insight and Guidance throughout your healing process to validate and support you as a whole person: mind, body, and soul.

-          A physical starter kit filled with intuitively customized tools to support you during your healing process.

-          Supplemental guidance, homework, and check-in calls and e-mails.


What I Don’t Guarantee:

That you will feel like nothing ever happened and you can forget the past existed.

This program is all about FEELING your true emotions and processing them in a nurturing and supportive healing space. As humans, there can be a tendency to push away the “bad” feelings.

Instead, in Heart Healing, you learn how to embrace them, look at them, and let them go.

Healing is Journey, not a Race.

What I Do Guarantee:

-          You’ll leave after our first session together feeling lighter, calmer, and more at peace.

-          Develop better ways to become more in touch with your true emotions and act accordingly.

-          Become more empowered to speak your truth.

  • Honor and commit to your true emotions.

-          Allow Your Heart To Be Open To Love Again- Whether of yourself and/or another.

What Clients Say:

5/8/2019 Lia L. Washingto D.C.

Meredith is god sent! I opted for several sessions over a few months and had brief buyers remorse because the cost was significant - but I would pay a million dollars for the change that Meredith has made in my life!! She helped me shift the thoughts that we burdening me and moved me into a higher energetic space. I was consumed with grief over the sudden ending of a 16-year relationship. I also have been at a crossroads in terms of where I want to do professionally. Meredith 1) gave me tools to take control of my healing, 2) helped me find clarity on things and 3) literally shifted my energy though various healing methods (every time I left her I felt lighter for days after). I am so very grateful for her skill and gifts. If you are on the fence about working with her, do yourself a favor and go! She is a game changer.

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