Available Classes


“The Call Within”

6-8 Week Series Intuition Development Class


What You Receive

- 6-8 Weeks of Weekly FB Live Lectures, Videos, and Group Support.
- Learn a variety of ways to "read" with a variety of tools
- Become more confident in your OWN abilities. 
- Magical Guest Lecture on Manifestation With Nat Granja Host of THe Rich Witch Podcast.
- One on One Scheduled Check-In Calls (60 minutes each) post class for SIX MONTHS

$199 AFTER 6/3/19

Are You My Student? Find it out here!

Meredith McDonough facilitates a comfortable and fun learning environment that allows participants to become more confident and grounded in listening to the intuitive callings from within themselves. In this workshop, students will learn how to read their own and others’ energy in creative and dynamic ways. The workshop is open to anyone, but especially for the curious soul, who has had those gut-feelings, hunches, or ‘day dreams’ later come true, or are simply just drawn this workshop series.  No experience required.  Classes begin and end on time.

Classes are not pro-rated and non-refundable. Payment is due in full to register. 
To receive a certificate for this class students must attend all 8 classes, play well with others in a group setting,
and fulfill required homework, unless otherwise discussed with instructor. If wanting join a class late, I request that you wait till the next series is offered*

To register for a class contact Meredith directly meredith@highervibrationsva.com

Energy Healing Share

Location: Kingstowne-Alexandria, Virginia

Requirements: Must be a qualified Reiki/Energy Healing practitioner with proof of certification. Yes, I do check. Once certification is verified, participants may join as long as agree to the Share guidelines set forth by Higher Vibrations LLC. Participants are not required to attend every share and encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early. RSVP required. We welcome all levels and modalities. Share takes place usually 1 Sunday evening each month. Donations are happily welcomed  although not required. To join us please e-mail Meredith meredith@highervibrationsva.com


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