What To Expect From Your Intuitive Reading

Objective:  To “set the stage” so to speak before clients come to receive a reading.

Since I was raised in the Edgar Cayce philosophy of intuition, I often touch base with Cayce as my root guidance for the purpose of my work.One of the most important things to understand about Cayce is that, first and foremost, he never performed on stage or used his abilities for fame or “look at me!” grandstanding.  He considered the gift of his intuition to be of serious intent and purpose. Most people base their knowledge of an intuitive reading on what they have heard and seen on television.  As a result, misinformed expectations of what might occur during the process can be formed.  Following the tradition of Cayce, the ultimate purpose of my gifts is to assist people on their healing journey.  The work I do is my sacred path, one which I have chosen to walk from my early twenties, and this sacred work is not to be misconstrued for some sort of entertainment.

During a reading, I usually give my clients information about themselves and their lives.  The more relaxed and open a client is, the easier it is for me to sense what’s happening around them.Some clients expect the worst, possibly dreading bad news or misfortune.  When I feel this is the case it can make me a little nervous whilst tuning in, wondering what may be presented to me.  However, you can be assured that nothing will come up that you are not ready to hear.  During the reading, I might talk a little about the past, present, or future.  There may be some major themes that I’m drawn to in my client’s life.  If the subject of the past occurs, it’s usually because there’s the possibility of an unresolved issue that they are now ready to look at. The present is usually about the major themes that are taking place in the client’s life right now.  I generally ask that clients don’t tell me too much about what’s going on prior to the reading, as this provides the best results and ensures that I am not biased in any way.  Most of the time the theme or topic will present itself to me intuitively.

More importantly, readings are not about chastising or judging a client.  From time to time, the message may suggest that a client should get their act together in some aspect of their life.  However, it’s always delivered in a compassionate and loving way.There is also the presumption that a psychic might interfere with a client’s free will or tell them how to live their life.  You can be assured that I will never tell a client what they can or cannot do, nor will I make any choices for them.  In all honesty, I don’t want to!   How a client chooses to use or receive the information delivered during their session is completely their own choice.  

It’s important to note that I do not give legal advice, financial predictions or any medical diagnosis.  If you require advice or information of that nature you will need to consult the relevant professionals in their designated field of work.

The future is a different matter.  In many ways it’s fluid and adaptable, subject to change based upon the client’s choices and free will.  If other parties are involved then their free will and choices are also taken into account.  What’s true today really could be different tomorrow.  This is important to understand, because it means clients ultimately have influence over their lives and can take the necessary actions to create the best possible outcomes for themselves and those close to them. The future can present itself in various possible outcomes. So,  the when reading into future possible scenarios it may  highlight situations that may or may not make sense right now but could make sense to a client later on.  

Also, my clients may ask questions at any time.  They may require clarification or further detail during the reading.  In this respect, if I am presented with a specific question then the answer will be more targeted to that question. Personally, I work within a vibrational framework, so if my clients have specific questions regarding a particular job or a person, or perhaps the name of a company, it will help me to connect to any compatible energies between themselves and that individual, company or situation at that point in time. 

Another common expectation clients have is that people who are deceased are automatically available.  Sometimes this does happen, but at other times it doesn’t.  Truly, I do not control the reading process, I’m simply the messenger.  There may be an expectation that if I’m psychic I should just “know” the spirit’s name but this is rarely true.   Whilst some readers are really great with names, my particular way of working is grasping a person’s image and personality rather than a name. Sometimes I will get inklings of a name (for example if the name is Chris) It may come as Chrrr- sound  This is often so uniquely familiar to the client that names aren’t necessary at all.

The truth is that people in spirit have just as much free will as we do.  They’re not pets that just follow us around because they have nothing better to do.  So, if I ask a client for more specifics regarding who they are trying to contact it doesn’t mean that I’m not a “true medium”.

Overall, my hope is that clients will have a better understanding of what exactly to expect prior to their session and that the main focus of any reading is the healing of the client on a spiritual and emotional level.

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