5 Good Reasons to Develop Your Intuition

5 Good Reasons To Develop Your Intuition

1. Guidance  

Honing your intuition on your own can often feel like shooting in the dark, or asking yourself, “Am I making this up?” or “No way, it was just a dream.”
Only to find that dream or that deja vu moment come true later when you least expected it.
A teacher/mentor and classmates can offers perspective and encouragement as you begin to open up to listen and trust  to your own unique  inner knowing.

2. Self Awareness/Progress

Intuition Development offers a renewed sense of awareness. As one begins to trust and listen to their intuition on a regular basis.
There is often a renewed sense of certainty in one’s life. Decision making is done more of out of love and self care vs. fear and
ego leading to many more moments of being at the right places and the right time for abundant opportunities.

3. Community

How many friends do you have in your inner circle that you truly have an authentic and genuine connection with? Or maybe you have found that you began to “shed” friends/family as you began to open up to your intuition. Intuition Development allows you the opportunity to mix and mingle with more like-minded individuals
on the same path as you, come vibe with your tribe!

4. Clarity

Have you ever lacked clarity or closure in a part of your life? Whether in career, relationships, or life events? And asking yourself, “Why Me?” or “How could this happen?”  Although serious topics can be addressed in class, helping yourself and others gain clarity and closure from the past gives one more opportunities
to enjoy life in the present. Intuition Development assist you in helping tune into your own unique inner knowing and
gaining clarity on an issue whether in the past, present, or future.

5. Fun!

Believe it or not, life is supposed to feel good! It always feels good to get an intuitive “hit” and have it validated.
Now imagine doing this with really cool people who just get you! Come play!