5 Reasons To Consider Using My Services

Heal from Childhood Trauma

As children we are impressionable and pick up energies easily. These same energies can be carried with us and can effect every part of a person's adult life in the present, physically and emotionally. 

After A Major Life Trauma, Illness, or Accident

Every person goes through them, but the energies from these events can sit like a residue in the physical and emotional bodies which can effect one's health. 

When You Have Been Grappling With The Same Pattern or Issue That Have No Logical/Rational Explanation

Generally, these are energies in your field from past life and/or present life that need removal. Once these are cleared, a person can maintain a equilibrium in their thoughts, emotions,
and physical well- being. This can range from physical ailments to relationships.

When You Feel Like You Aren't Progressing Life

Sometimes we all can feel stuck, and feel as if we are in the same place that we we're in 5, 10, or 15 years ago. We hunger for change but aren't necessarily sure of how to and feel stuck.
A session with Meredith can assist in clearing and shifting these thoughts and blocks so you can simply get unstuck, and move forward!

When You've Had a Major Life Change

Sometimes they are hard to transition into. Even the positive ones! A session with Meredith can help shift and transform these blocks into forward movement,
or assist in blending energies together for a more cohesive transition into a new life chapter.  (A newly adopted pet, new baby, or even a new home.)