Origin Story

Hear My Origin Story In My Own Words

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Meredith McDonough

Healer, Teacher, and Connector.

Certified Psychic- Medium, Reiki Master-Teacher, Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner.

Text: My Origin and Journey Into The Healing Arts

I will say it began as an interesting journey. I have had countless many paranormal and synchronistic experiences my entire life that are too long to list here.

 To begin I was drawn into the healing arts because of  several factors a)  childhood woundings  which lead to 2) low self-esteem, constant anxiety, codependency, love addiction, and other undesirable mindset and attitude programing 3)Struggling to navigate a very contained and structured world as a Sensitive and Empathic person  4)  My path was always and is to BE a healer. This took some time for me to discover, accept, and embrace wholeheartedly along with riding the maturing roller coaster of what I call the Terrible Yet Terrific Twenties.

For this lifetime this IS who and what I am, my “label” if you will.

Additionally, in retrospect, even as a child,  I intuitively knew my role was not in the traditional work world. That I was meant to carve my own path, to show and lead others into a “New Way”. Clients often ask me how did I know that. My answer is this: In intuition there is no logical or rational explanation as to HOW I knew that. It just Was and Is, plain and simple. Even, when I attempted to follow other paths,  after a time it resulted in me becoming uncomfortable and lackluster. The call within my heart was here to the healing arts.

As a result, these factors led me onto the path and have molded me into the person I am today, and with a combination of various trainings, life-experiences, self-awareness, it has allowed me to be and feel comfortable and confident in what I do best: which is inspire others to heal and transform their lives to a place where they’re satisfied and at peace.

What Makes Me Different?

There are a lot of amazing healers/psychics/shamans out there and I’m excited to see an ever-growing community of amazing lightworkers who are incredibly talented with their own unique gifts, and I want all of that to continue to grow and flourish! 

I would self-describe myself as a VAT- Versatile, Authentic, and Transparent.

Versatile - I’m certified in several other modalities such as Hypnosis, Reiki, and Quantum Touch. I offer a toolbox of other skills that can support you beyond an intuitive reading if you feel the need or desire.

Authentic and Transparent- I’m a call it like I see/sense/feel it kind of psychic. Most of my clients will tell you that I’m pretty straightforward in my delivery and  straightforward in what I can and cannot do for my clients. I’m mostly clair-audient which means I hear things.

If my intuition isn’t telling me that you will marry a handsome Prince with a trillion billion gazillion dollars- then I won’t be telling you that either, plain and simple. I’m really comfortable with saying, “It’s not clear at this moment.”

More importantly, I take my role seriously in helping you gain clarity to a situation, however I will never tell you what to do. I empower and encourage my clients to make their own decisions based upon their own gut and heart feeling at the end of the day.

Side note: My headshot photo is not how I dress on the regular. It just happened to be a day where I had my hair and makeup done and had a nice dress on at the same time.

Most days you’ll find me in blue jeans or shorts in a cotton top with my hair in a pony tail or bun, needless to say I’m pretty casual person and I like to be comfortable while we work together. 

(My Most Up-To-Date Training History Can be Found Here)

   Mission and Vision

My mission and vision for Higher Vibrations is provide non-traditional healing tools to support the whole person in Mind, Body, and Heart.